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Rustic Event Venue & Props For Rent in Selangor, Malaysia

Located in USJ19, among the greasy stretch of car workshops, lies W_Are_House, a 1,700 square foot event venue for rent in Selangor, Malaysia. Some describe it as the rose among the thorns and others like how rugged the location makes them feel. It is said to be a place someone least expected to throw ANY party, and we all love surprise parties.

The venue sports an industrial aesthetic using mostly cement grey, bricks, wood color as a theme, and blended in with a ladder-reach size chalkboard wall. It has a seating capacity of up to 150 guests with a mezzanine floor.

Guests are encouraged to experiment with the different settings or mood of the lighting. Bright, vibrant and dimmed. Adjust the lighting at any time to suit your event mood or ambience. 

W_Are_House Festoon Lights Indoor.

The unit is the perfect event venue in Selangor as a party event space, but also excellent for other functions as well. You name it, W_Are_House strives to provide it, from formal to informal, with the primary goal of providing comfort to their guests.

Guests can also mingle upstairs and have an overall view of the event from the top. Apparently, it is known as the hot spot for pictures.

If you are seeking an event venue for rent in Malaysia, or to cater for other functions like a wedding event space or corporate meeting space, consider reaching out to us at W_Are_House today!

Our Crew

At W Are House, our crew team is the backbone of our commitment to be the best event venue for rent in Subang Jaya, Selangor. Composed of dedicated professionals with an eye for detail and a passion for perfection, they are the driving force behind the seamless preparation of event spaces and the delivery of exceptional services to our clients.

Our crew members bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project, ensuring that every aspect of your event, from setup to execution, is handled with care and precision. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to make your vision a reality, going above and beyond to guarantee a flawless and memorable experience for you and your guests.

With a can-do attitude, a keen sense of aesthetics, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations, our crew team transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary settings. From the smallest details to the grandest visions, they are the unsung heroes who turn dreams into reality.

Rest assured, leave your event in the capable hands of our exceptional crew at W Are House to prepare the best event venue in Malaysia just for you.

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Why Should You Pick Us?

Specializing in SURPRISE parties, W_Are_House is a hidden gem among all of the event spaces around town (Klang Valley & Selangor). We pride ourselves on being the 1 stop centre for all your party needs and making sure your event is INSTA-WORTHY. Services include decorations, catering and dessert table, making it more convenient and stress free for you on your event day. Come see us for yourself!

We have all your needs for an Insta-Worthy events.

Customize your events with us now!